Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Interesting Facts About Flowers...BIRTH FLOWER MEANINGS


The carnation is the January birth flower also called the gillyflower and clove pink and is widely harvested in many different colours and varieties. Originally from Asia, where they’ve been cultivated for at least 2,000 years. With its feathery soft petals, it's traditionally known as the 'mothers day' flower. The carnation is a tall flower growing 3 feet high and has a lovely rich frangrance. In contrast, some beautiful flowers have no scent at all.
Carnation is derived from the Greek word corone (coronation) and means 'flower of the Gods'. It's Latin name is dianthus which means 'divine flower'. In Spain the bloom is used in national festivals and the main flower in many religious celebraitons. The carnation has different meanings depending on the colour.

Red: admiration, my heart aches for you
friendship, sweet, innocence, pure love
romance, I'll never forget you
refusal, no, I wish I could be with you
disappointment, rejection
It's Element: Earth
Flower Meaning of Carnation: fascination, womans love, pure love, protection, strength.